Write a piecewise function for a graph

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How do you write a piecewise function from a word problem

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Writing a Piecewise Function when It's Graph is Given

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Writing a Piecewise Function when It's Graph is Given

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I can write and graph piecewise-defined functions to represent real-world situations. I can write the equation of a piecewise-definied function, given the graph.

I can write and graph piecewise. EXAMPLE 3 Write a piecewise function Write a piecewise function for the graph shown. Solution For x between 0 and 1, including x 5 0, the graph is the line segment given by y 5 1. SPECIAL STEP FUNCTIONS Write and graph the piecewise function described using the domain Write the piecewise functions for the graph shown.

Solution: Step 1: Locate the break point. Here it is at x = 2.

Piecewise Functions Calculator

Step 2: Find the equation of the graph to the left of break point. Here it is a line parallel to x-axis. y = 4. Step 3: Find the equation of the graph to the right of the break point. Here it is y = 2x + 3. Note that piecewise functions CAN have a break in the graph and can still be a function.

Examine the graph to the left. The function does not exist at x=0 because both rays have an open dot. In math, a function is an equation with only one output for each input.

In the case of a circle, one input can give you two outputs - one on each side of the circle. Thus, the equation for a circle is not a function and you cannot write it in function form.

Write a piecewise function for a graph
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