This was then and this is

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than and then - the difference

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Brad Paisley - Then Lyrics

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The if-then and if-then-else Statements

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Commas before conjunctions (e.g., and, or, but)

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Jun 11,  · Winer wrote in an op-ed that he met with Steele in and passed on a summary of what he learned to Nuland, then the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

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Prior to that, she served as State Department spokesperson during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary. More Than Two is also the name of a book about non-monogamy that Franklin wrote with his partner Eve Rickert. This book is a practical, hands-on toolkit for.

Bravo Media gets retrospective when Andy Cohen's Then & Now. In each episode, host and executive producer Andy Cohen, alongside his newsmaker and celebrity guests, will dive into some of the. &THEN is DMA's annual marketing conference that brings together leading innovators and visionaries to network and discuss the data and marketing industry.

This was then and this is
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Then vs. Than | Merriam-Webster