Skinny models in fashion magazines and on catwalks are setting bad example for teenagers

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'How can images of stick-thin idols NOT be a bad example to girls?'

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Why are Fashion Models so Thin?

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Body Image – Advertising and Magazines

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Skinny models 'send unhealthy message'

To my understanding, fashion designers always hire skinny models so that the catwalk audience just concentrates on their dresses not on model's curves and figure. anon Post 17 Are you serious by saying "the thinner the better"?

The report, which says young women look at thin models and see themselves as fat in comparison, calls on broadcasters and magazine publishers to use a more realistic range of body images. Ultra-thin, young models in Victoria Beckham’s New York fashion show could become the “thinspiration” of young people suffering with eating disorders, a leading charity has warned.

Victoria Beckham under fire over ultra skinny models in New York Victoria Beckham’s catwalk show at New York fashion week. called the Beckham show a “prime example of selecting models.

We have debates about too-skinny models for example, in a culture where we're repeatedly told that we're fatty boombas.

Skinny is bad. Fat is bad. Perfect is unattainable. Here, buy a handbag. The study set out to see how regular viewing of impossibly thin ideals found in most magazines might affect the women who buy and read those titles. The researchers gave 51 college-age females 16 pages of advertisements and articles from top women’s beauty and fashion magazines.

Each page contained a thin model as the dominant image.

Skinny models in fashion magazines and on catwalks are setting bad example for teenagers
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Should the fashion industry ban models that are too skinny? |