Recruiting and selecting sales personnel

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Recruiting sales personnel Essay

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Recruiting Fees

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recruiting job candidates projecting sales, volume of production, and personnel required to maintain this volume of output, using software packages Selecting who will fill the position.

Talent management involves identifying, recruiting, hiring and developing high. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN RETAILING: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN RETAILING Human Resource Management involves recruiting,selecting,training,compensating and supervising personnel in a manner consistent with the retailers organization structure and strategy mix.

Respecting a hiring manager’s time — the goal to be able to demonstrate from survey results that the recruiting process minimizes any unnecessary time that hiring managers must commit to recruiting, so that managers can focus on their business commitments.

CHAPTER – V RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION OF SALES PERSONNEL INTRODUCTION It is important to understand the high attrition rate in Indian. Selecting sales personnel is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, challenge for any organization. Failure to achieve revenue targets, manage customer relations, and deliver service can be traced directly to hiring salespeople unequipped to carry out their assigned roles.

Recruiting and selecting sales personnel
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Recruiting Fees