Mobile phone and maxis

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List of mobile telephone prefixes by country

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Maxis Communications or Maxis Berhad (MYX: ) is a communications service provider in Malaysia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing a variety of communication products, applications and value added services for consumers, large enterprises and small & medium business owners.

Mobile phones. Discover our fantastic range of mobile phone deals, from SIM only and SIM free offers to monthly contracts and pay as you go plans. Maxis Mobile is a European company that wants to grow their business in emerging markets around the world.

Maxis Customer Service Phone Number

The emergency market typically means economically developing countries where the demand for a specific product is very high, but the competition is low. Recover photos video files after mobile phone and tablet reset to factory settings (Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc android) Nowadays almost all mobile phones are equipped with camera, which you can use to take photos and videos, without the need to carry extra digital camera with you.

Sitting at the intersection of marketing and payments. A mobile number is more than just a way to make a phone call. With Boku, a mobile number can be a user identity, a digital address, and a payment method, all at the same time.

Boku’s unique platform allows mobile operators and merchants to rapidly design, scale, and operate programmes aimed at giving mobile subscribers a best-in-class.

Mobile phone and maxis
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